Unlimited dedicated virtual assistants for businesses, startups, executives and personal tasks.

A virtual assistant is a remotely-located human that is ready to help fulfill your business’ tasks. Virtual assistants who are part of our VSN team have been extensively vetted and have proven experience performing the duties that they are assigned to do on your behalf. 

We operate with cybersecurity insurance to cover any negligence that may result from your scope of work. Additionally, all virtual assistants perform their work using Hubstaff, which monitors VAs interactions through time tracking and screenshots.

Virtual assistants are also trained and agree to comply with company policies and procedures related to handling sensitive data and information. 

We provide virtual assistants with the opportunity to work from anywhere, as long as they fulfill the requirements of having a strong internet connection and connected devices.

Any task that can be accomplished remotely can be assigned to virtual assistants. Essentially, virtual assistants complete the same duties and responsibilities that you would expect from anyone you hired in-house. They can handle tedious and repetitive manual tasks, execute complex marketing and sales duties, provide executive assistance, and more. Have a task and want to know if a virtual assistant can handle it? Get in touch!

That’s likely a resounding, “Yes!” We firmly believe that virtual assistants can add value across your business’ departments in many different ways. If you feel like you wish there was more time in a day, want to focus on high-level tasks, and ensure your day-to-day activities get the attention they deserve, then a virtual assistant can surely help your business accomplish its goals.

Our virtual assistants are available to work in the same time zone as you and can be on call based on the schedule that you require. 

In most cases, employees require a salary and benefits and tend to increase a company’s operating costs. On the other hand, a virtual assistant works as a contractor under a Form 1099 contract. Since VSN operates as a U.S.-based company, services rendered can be written off as a business expense. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

Virtual assistants are trained to work within the industry that you operate in, so whatever platforms or tools are required for the job, they’ll know how to use them. Whether it be a specific CRM, design software, or business management platforms, our virtual assistants have the know-how and are ready to get started. Should you use any proprietary systems, our virtual assistants are eager to learn through quick demos or scheduled training.

Our virtual assistants go through a rigorous interview and onboarding process that ensures they have the necessary experience and skills to fulfill the job duties. We also ensure that the virtual assistant matched to your business will be a good culture fit and provide for a seamless professional relationship.

Yes! All of our virtual assistants fluently communicate in English, be it verbally or written. They have to pass an English proficiency exam before being hired by VASN, too. 



We run through an extensive process to understand your business and its needs. Then, we present to you virtual assistants that we believe to be a good match. Once you interview the options, you can select your first choice to begin working together. 



Of course! It is in our best interest, your best interest, and our team’s best interest to constantly provide training and development programs for upskilling.

Please visit our pricing page on all info regarding VA pay and potential savings for your business! 

Every business case is different, but we recommend sticking with a virtual assistant for at least a 90-day period to reap results and measure key performance indicators (KPIs). That being said, many virtual assistants provide an immediate return on investment and free up your time so you can do more. 

Unlike many competitors, VSN requires no upfront commitment for extensive contracts. Sign up to get started and cancel any time! We request that you provide at least a 2-week notice to terminate any agreement (out of courtesy to our virtual assistants).

VSN is a US-based company, but most of our virtual assistants reside in the Philippines. All of our virtual assistants speak fluent English and can work according to your desired schedule and time zone.

Please feel free to reach out and ask us!

You can contact us via phone or email. However, we highly recommend booking a free discovery call to get a true look into what your business stands to gain with Virtual Support Now.

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