Sales and Marketing Position

Sales and Marketing Position


About Us:

At VA Support Now, we're passionate about connecting with our audience and driving growth. We're in search of a dynamic Sales and Marketing professional who can amplify our brand's reach and impact.

Skills Required:

  • Digital Marketing: Proficiency in crafting and executing effective digital marketing campaigns.
  • Sales Management: Experience in overseeing sales processes and driving revenue.
  • Social Media Marketing: Ability to leverage social media platforms for brand promotion and engagement.
  • Business Development: Skills in identifying and capitalizing on new market opportunities.
  • SEO Knowledge: Familiarity with Search Engine Optimization techniques and best practices.
  • Ad Campaigns: Experience with Google Ads and crafting compelling email marketing campaigns.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Brand Promotion: Champion the company's existing brands and spearhead the introduction of new products to the market.
  • Market Research: Implement diverse methods for collecting customer feedback and conducting market research.
  • Campaign Management: Plan, develop, and evaluate advertising campaigns to maximize reach and impact.
  • Opportunity Identification: Recognize marketing opportunities by understanding consumer needs and market trends.
  • Market Strategy: Enhance product marketability and profitability by tapping into new market opportunities.
  • Content Creation: Design engaging advertisements, promotional emails, and other marketing materials.
  • SEO Execution: Undertake basic SEO tasks, including keyword research and competitive analysis.

Why Choose VA Support Now?

Join our team and be at the forefront of innovative marketing strategies and sales initiatives. We offer competitive compensation, a collaborative environment, and the chance to shape the future of our brand.

To apply please send your resume and cover letter to